Thought your Mobile is Secure? Got the best firewalls/NAC/IPS etc in your perimeter? Think again! With the rise of Mobile use in corporates a malicious attacker doesn’t need to be breach anything but your smartphone. Using simple vulnerabilities which are well documented an un-suspecting user can bridge your corporate networks by simply acting as a router i.e 4g enabled bridge into your corporate network!

According to Verizon Mobile Security Index 2018

  1. 89% Rely on just a single security strategy
  2. 51% Use public Wi-Fi and don’t have a policy
  3. 62% Lack of user understanding is a barrier

How Zimperium protects Mobile Devices? Zimperium focuses on DNA (Devices, Network and Apps)


  1. Vulnerability & Risk
  2. OS Exploit detection
  3. Device Forensics
  4. USB exploit detection


  1. Reconnaissance scans
  2. Man-in-the-Middle attacks
  3. SSL decryption / stripping
  4. Rogue Access Points


  1. Malware detection
  2. App Risk analysis
  3. App Privacy analysis
  4. App Forensic reports

How Zimperium protects your enterprise?

  1. The agent is on the device and no action needed to be taken by the user for the detection and remediation to work.
  2. Detect known AND unknown zero-day detection of DNA threats.
  3. The same agent knows there is a policy violation  on the device
  4. and can remediate on-the device (quickly).

Advanced apps analytics

  • App visibility – View risky apps and the number of users who have risky apps on their devices
  • App intelligence – Set app usage policies that whitelist safe apps and blacklist risky apps
  • App analysis – Automatically correlate app risk with device analysis with insight to:
    • Content: App code
    • Intent: App behavior
    • Context: Domains, certificates, shared code, network communications
  • Security analysis – Analyze newly developed apps for employees, customers or partners
  • Reporting – Print app security and privacy risk summary reports, including app risk scoring, app behaviors, and context
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